Top 10 social media marketing tips for small business

Social media…what is it and how can it help my business?

Social media is the new “word of mouth”…the most efficient and cost effective
method of getting referrals and new customers into your business!

Think about this. If you’ve had a great experience, you naturally tell your friends. Chances are that you’ve been doing this your whole life. Nothing has changed, only the medium.If you’re looking to buy something or if you’re looking for a service, a professional or a great place to eat or get coffee, what do you do?
Most people ask their friends or confess to looking on line. And where are your friends? Probably on Facebook or some other social channel!


How do you get started with social media marketing for small business? Watch this brief video to learn the ten simple steps. If that seems like too much work, get in touch.

Social-Wurx helps cafes, the hospitality industry and other small business owners “not miss out”. We look at what you’re doing now (if anything), formulate a plan and then get to work.

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