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Social Media Recruiting Formula – Proven Social Networking Scripts For Recruiting On Social Media

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The social media marketing tips revealed in this prospecting training video will show you how to do social media marketing on facebook the right way to avoid chasing away your friends and family. These social media marketing facebook tips are geared towards those of you involved in small business or network marketing and looking for tips on selling through social media however they are cross compatible with most business models where prospecting and recruiting are fundamental to revenue generation and customer acquisition.

Implementing an effective and streamlined social media recruitment strategy in your business is going to take time and nothing will work unless you do. Initially you may have to do it all yourself to learn the process however most of it can be delegated and outsourced once you have perfected social media marketing for small business. The social media marketing examples shown in this video focus on facebook messenger prospecting and recruiting and inside our free guide you will get word for word social media prospecting scripts you can use right away to start getting sales and sign ups in your small business opportunity.

Social media and recruiting have become synonymous as more and more people in our industry transition away from traditional offline prospecting methods to generate leads and move towards social media selling strategies and techniques. An important thing to remember about selling on social media is that the selling never takes place on the platform itself. It is a platform where people go to be social, connect, engage. Rarely does a prospect wake up with the intention of pulling up the Facebook newsfeed in the hopes of buying something from clicking on an ad. In other words, you must learn how to sell on social media without selling. Relationship building should be a priority in your approach to building and promoting your business on facebook. These social media recruiting techniques are based on relationship marketing. When a prospect has indicated their interest in learning more you should move the conversation to messenger and from there to a video chat if possible with qualified leads. This social media marketing strategy is the fastest way to build rapid rapport and trust with the prospect and they will be far more likely to buy your products or services.

Leverage the compelling power of curiosity when marketing your business on facebook posts. Refrain from mentioning your companies name or the name of the product. Simply share inspiring results you and your team are experiencing in your social media marketing scripts and public posts. Invite people to comment on your facebook post if they would like to be added to your exclusive facebook group to learn more. A facebook group acts as powerful selling social media marketing strategy for the efficacy of the products or your opportunity so encourage members to post results frequently and document their journey. With this social media prospecting formula try to refrain from including links to products in your posts. Have you ever bought a product this way? Probably not. So why would you expect others to? It feels pushy, desperate and spammy.

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