Social Media Marketing Tips (15 Marketing Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid)

There aren’t many new tools out there that can boast the same level of technological, social, impact, and economic advancement that social media can. Even though social media is still relatively new when compared to other marketing and communication channels, it’s still connected our world like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

It’s enabled the rapid, if not immediate communication of information. It’s contributed to revolutions, social movements, and important political discussions. And it’s given small businesses and entrepreneurs access to the very same business and marketing tools available to fortune 500 companies. But with great power, comes great responsibility.

Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should do it too. Well, unless that thing is social media. Because if you have a business and you’re not making social media a key part of your businesses marketing plan than there’s just no other way to put it than to let you know straight up, that you’re not only leaving money on the table, but you’re also hurting your brand and business by not being relevant, accessible, and connected to your customers.

Mistake #1 Not using social media marketing

Mistake #2 Not giving social media marketing the respect it deserves

Mistake #3 Treating social media like a hobby

Mistake #4 Not being strategic about your social media marketing

Mistake #5 Ignoring customer social media details

Mistake #6 Being active on every social media channel

Mistake #7 Thinking social media marketing is free

Mistake #8 Not investing enough in social media marketing

Mistake #9 Playing the short game

Mistake #10 Not combining social media with content marketing

Mistake #11 Not leveraging paid social media traffic

Mistake #12 Not being consistent

Mistake #13 Leading with anything other than value

Mistake #14 Not being authentic

Mistake #15 Being afraid to ask for help

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