Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile Marketing Trends – How Will It Affect Sending Emails?

Back in the good old days (10 years ago), we could be assured that nearly every email or newsletter sent would be received, opened and read on a desktop or laptop computer.

Well, those days are coming to an end. Today, email messages are more likely to be opened and read on a Smartphone than on a desktop or laptop computer. So if you send out a monthly newsletter or do a lot of email marketing you will need a mobile strategy to address these changes.

I recently read a U.S. study that found 65% of all emails are read on a mobile device. Forty nine percent on Smartphones and 16% on Tablets. I haven’t seen any numbers for Canada yet, but I’m sure the numbers would probably be similar.

Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices are exploding in popularity.

The changes in marketing that are a result of Smartphone usage are enormous.

Many marketing experts say it’s revolutionary. I don’t think that’s over-stating the issue. The internet is rapidly becoming a mobile environment.

Worldwide mobile web usage grew from 14% to 25% between May 2013 – May 2014. Five years ago it was only 1% percent.

So how do we make it easy for people to view our promotional emails on their Smartphone? I’m not quite sure yet, so I’m doing some research to find out the most affordable and effective solutions.

In change there are always opportunities. As more people access their email on the go, there is a higher probability that you will reach them; which means email open rates could go up.

The wide use of mobile devices will help us get our marketing message instantly and literally into the hands of our clients and prospects. Did you know that over 90% of all text Messages are read within 5 minutes?

Mobile coupons are redeemed at a rate ten times higher than paper coupons. In a survey, 70% of the participants say they would like to receive valuable offers on their phones. The emphasis is on VALUABLE.

To better engage with your customers, clients or patients you have to start thinking mobile. People interact with their text messages 6-8 times more than they do with their emails.

In the next few weeks I’m gong to be testing out some mobile email templates and the best way to deliver them.

Mobile Marketing Trends

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