How to Attract Your MLM Tribe (Social Media Marketing Tips)

I LOVE social media and in my “Branding Like a Badass!” course, I teach entrepreneurs in MLM and Network Marketing how to make an extra income from home using the attraction marketing tips to find your exact tribe of like-minded bosses on social media.

Social Media has helped me:

1. Become one of the Top Earners in our MLM company.
2. Impact more lives and families who need an extra income and freedom to live the lifestyle they deserve.
3. Grow a team of rockstars all over United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand… and soon Germany, France, and hopefully China.


Here’s a simple strategy you can use to start attracting your MLM Boss Tribe to you on social media.

Lifestyle posts: Make 80% of your posts on social media be about you.

What are you into?

Family: Mother, Father, Foster Parent, Step Parent
Job: Teacher, Firefighter, Stay At Home Mom, Doctor
Fun: Adrenaline Junky, DIY Crafts, Making Beer, Yoga
Passions: Entrepreneurship, Stylist, Technology Geek
Hobbies: Knitting, Guitar, Branding, Zumba Fitness
I would make 80% of my posts on social media be tailored to that. This is how you’ll attract the exact tribe of people who are into the same things as you are and you’ll connect immediately with your commonalities.

Business Posts: Make 15% of your posts on social media about business.

How to do that without mentioning your company?

Share 3 tips you’ve learned from reading today’s personal development.
Give a shoutout to your MLM teammate who ranked was able to pay for their groceries or utility bills form this week’s paycheck.
Take a selfie at your company event and why you’re excited to be there.
Share why you decided to start a home-based business and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. This the best attraction marketing strategy in my opinion!
Give invaluable content away for free – I do this every day on my Facebook Fan Page. This will help you to generate decent leads and a lot of results for your online business.
Use “On This Day” on Facebook to tell a story of how your business has changed your life from one year ago.
Share testimonials from how you helped someone make an extra income with your MLM business or get awesome results with your product.
Taking a photo with your fellow busy moms from your team who are getting out of the house and having lunch.
Direct posts: Make 5% of your posts on social media be very direct.

This is where you make a very direct post on social media about joining your business or looking for testimonials for your product.

A great attraction marketing example of doing this is sharing a testimonial (either business or from using your product) and telling people there will be a webinar or Live Facebook video event later that evening for those who are open to making an extra income from home or want info on your #1 secret tip for feeling more confident and sexy in your own skin (just an example).

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