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Social media marketing is not as easy as it sounds. “Post a picture and a link, get sales”. Sorry Charlie! Businesses have been using social media the wrong way. Yes, you want a “Social media presence” but what is the saying…. “It’s all in the details.” When used correctly, social media marketing should be affordable and help scale your business.

Even traditional channels like radio, newspaper ads and commercials, results will be mediocre at best if you message is advertised to the wrong audience. That’s why we are here 😊. Below is a proven social media campaign that created by six of the best social media marketers on the planet.

1. Spend time learning how social media works.
You can find hundreds of social media “how-to” content online, including paid and free courses. The most important thing is to educate yourself on the important strategies that will help your business grow.

Flower Telecom Director Charles Gumbley, stated “It’s important that you study social media marketing and how it affects your business. The basics of social media are the same across most channels. Each industry will create a slightly different campaign to the specific audience that will produce results and brand your business. First, study as much content and resources as possible. Then, focus on business goals and strategies.”

2. Pay attention to your customers.
What is the old saying “Give the people what they want”? That is marketing tip #1. “Listen to your customers. Use your social media platform to pole your audience on how to solve their problems or how you can improve your business. Social media marketing should be used as an extension of your customer service. Customers will feel more comfortable voicing their ideas and opinions through social media instead of on the phone or over email.” says VP of Marketing for ABODO Ryan Koechel,
listening to your audience, will open the door to other business opportunities. For example, when my social media agency creates social media campaigns for a business, we normally review their social media followers to find key influencers. Listen to your audience – it’s the life blood of your business.

3. Automation equals consistency.
There is spam automation and smart automation with social media marketing. Spamming your audience everyday will hurt your following. Provide value to your audience. We call it 70% value and 30% promotional. The more value you provide to your following, the larger it will become. This will ultimately turn into more leads and more importantly, more sales.

“Whether you out-source your social media or have an in-house employee, make sure your content is consistently promoted across all of your social media platforms. There are numerous types of free and paid social media automation software, like Onlywire, that has a free plan option. Onlywire is great for efficiency. It allows you to schedule post ahead of time so you can promote your upcoming content but more importantly, it allows you to spend time communicating and replying to your social media followers,” says StreetSaws Daniel Moravec.

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