5 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips – Real Talk With Carlos Gil Episode 6

5 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips! Discover the keys to Snapchat, Facebook Live, personal branding and more.

Discover insights on how-to:

• Create social media content when you don’t have anything to post
• Go 0 1o 100 from Snapchat to LinkedIn
• Drive more viewers to your Facebook Live streams
• Use Snapchat for community management

Real Talk is my all-new series in partnership with the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center where I answer your questions on social media marketing and interview interesting people in the world of business.

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Filmed on location at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco, CA.

About Me:
I’ve spent 8+ years working directly in social media marketing. Although I consider myself a digital native, founding my start-up as a result of losing my job in the financial services industry is what led me learn social media professionally and forced me to become a student of the game. Through years of networking, and putting in hard work despite losing my financial independence, I was hired in 2012 by one of the largest retail & grocery chains in the U.S. which led me to own the career that I do today in brand marketing, consulting, and public speaking. While I don’t consider myself an expert, or guru, working with some of the largest brands in consumer and business-to-business marketing has led me to acquire valuable knowledge and experience which I’m motivated to pass onto others willing to listen & learn.

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